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How To Do Heart-to-Heart Sales?

When you start your business journey, most of us want to focus on the product and service, and not so much on convincing others to buy. But as you can see, if no one is buying, there is no business. The mental framework around this problem is to consider selling a heart-to-heart offer.

What is the Heart-to-Heart offer?

You have something amazing that can help to improve someone's life. If they don’t know about it, they will never have the chance to solve the problem correctly. When you contact them and share the opportunity to use what you sell - from your heart with true intention to help them - they will feel it too.

If you truly want to help people, they need to know about you. Then they can make a conscious choice whether to engage with your offer or not. Without a big budget, you need to contact people to let them know about how they can change their lives for the better with your product. If you feel that you are aiming to help, from the bottom of your heart, then reaching out is no longer a pain. It’s a gift you are able to give to others.

Tool-Tips: A nice tool for smart email automation

I’ve been using Woodpecker for the reach-out automation for some two years and it does the job excellently. In order to implement an effective reach reach-out method, a tool like this is more or less required. Doing everything manually will drain you!

With this link, you get 300 emails for free. :)



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