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About Euro Scalers

Euro Scalers Digital Social Selling Accelerator is a 10-week growth support program designed to boost sales and revenue success and create an effective social selling method that generates customers on an ongoing basis!

You Will Receive

  • Concrete tools and knowledge of best practices to improve your sales processes & outreach

  • Practical sales & marketing insights

  • Tailored content strategy for your needs

  • Recorded and edited content in the form of 20 short videos

  • Tangible results during or shortly after the program

  • Interaction & Outreach

    • Best practices of B2B reach out and utilization of automation tools

    • Direct coaching on social selling techniques, including LinkedIn strategies and conversational prospecting

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Program Contents

The magic happens by combining content with interaction & outreach!

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  • Content Production Kick-off

    • Guidance on crafting meaningful questions based on your customer profile

    • Setup of filming location and recording of approximately 20 short videos

    • Editing by aspiring video editors

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  • Content Strategy

    • Coaching on content strategy and tactics tailored to your business

    • Focus on understanding your customer, posting timing, and Category vs. Brand Marketing Strategies

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Plan, Timeframe & Pricing

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  • Timeframe: between April 2nd and June 5th, 2024

  • Duration: 10 weeks

  • Plan

    • Initial 1-on-1 meeting to understand your goals and needs

    • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings to follow up on your progress and receive feedback

    • The program is remote with the exception of content filming on-site that includes 20 edited videos

  • Pricing: The participating company pays a small commitment fee of 495 €

Previous Participant Feedback

“Great return on time invested. The program gives new and very practical marketing ideas. Euro Scalers is definitely an accelerator where things are happening very quickly, it is a less talk-more action type of deal, which I really liked.” - Mika Skarp from Cumucore Oy

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