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Join the front-runners of the Nordic business ecosystem!

Euro Scalers offers a unique opportunity to cities across the Nordics that want to help their local businesses expand to European markets.  

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Are you a city in the Nordics that...?

Comitts to support your local companies in their international growth?

The main goal of the program is a true market validation for the business model in a European market. This is done through active sales in the target market, learning by doing, coaching and peer support.

As a city, it can be very difficult to see the impact of your activities to support your companies.  Because the results have been convincing, the cities of Helsinki, Tampere, Espoo and Vantaa have all re-joined the program for three rounds in a row.

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There are many good internationalisation services by the govenment, but we [as cities] can complement that. The programme has been greatly fulfilling, especially based on the feedback.


Tommi Uitti, Startup Ecosystem Community Manager at Business Tampere, Finland

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Get your local businesses on the landscape of Europe.