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Join the front-runners of the Nordic business ecosystem!

Euro Scalers offers a unique opportunity to cities across the Nordics that want to help their local businesses expand to European markets.  

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Are you a city in the Nordics that...?

Comitts to support your local companies in their international growth?

The main goal of the program is a true market validation for the business model in a European market. This is done through active sales in the target market, learning by doing, coaching and peer support.

As a city, it can be very difficult to see the impact of your activities to support your companies.  Because the results have been convincing, the cities of Helsinki, Tampere, Espoo and Vantaa have all re-joined the program for three rounds in a row.

Frequently asked questions

How does this benefit my region?

There are amazing companies in your region that for some reason or another have struggled selling abroad. This program has a proven track record of getting them the support they need to get going and keep going once the program is over.

How many companies can attend?

Normally, the program allows for two companies per region.

What does it cost?

3000€ paid by the region, and 250€ by the participating companies.

What is included?

To check the content of Euro Scalers accelerator, please view Program page.

How does it work?

As a city, you mainly help to find the right companies to join the program. Other than that, the program runs on it’s own. If you are interested, you can listen in to the workshops during the program.

How do we find the companies?

It is usually best with a combined approach. This is the most common way that it’s been done in the past:

  • public information on the city's website
  • information in newsletter to the companies
  • directed email/phone call to companies who would very likely benefit from the program
  • with permission, the contact info of the companies that are interested will be shared with Euro Scalers and we’ll talk with the companies as well to explore if Euro Scalers is right for them
What support are we getting for finding the companies?
  • images and copy writing that can be used
  • we can contact potential companies on LinkedIn if wanted, given that there is a list to work from

How long is the program?

The program lasts for 10 weeks.

How will we as a region/city be promoted?

You will be featured on the program website. If you are interested in more promotion, we can discuss and see what we can do to accomodate your needs.

What have the previous results been?

  • Increased revenue
  • Leads transformed into closed deals
  • Increase in the volume of prospect negotiating
  • Clear, settled, and workable sales strategy in the target market
  • The benefit of experience sharing
  • Establishing new contacts in the target market
See concrete examples of success stories in our Alumni section.

References I can contact?

Tommi Uitti was the representative for the cities during spring 2021 and was following the program closely. He is happy to tell you more about their experiences with the program. Tommi Uitti Business Tampere +358405870592

Our Euroscalers

There are many good internationalisation services by the govenment, but we [as cities] can complement that. The programme has been greatly fulfilling, especially based on the feedback.


Tommi Uitti, Startup Ecosystem Community Manager at Business Tampere, Finland

Image by Tapio Haaja

Get your local businesses on the landscape of Europe.