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Euro Scalers 

Growth accelerator with a proven track record of over 100+ alumni.


Our mission is to help Finnish companies win globally, and make sure every startup succeeds with sales. We teach you the best techniques of smart sales processes, prospecting, lead generation - everything you need for scaling.


About Rasmus Basilier

Rasmus Basilier is the CEO and founder of Euroscalers and he has worked on perfecting the Euroscalers accelerator model since 2018, helping over 100 startups, scaleups and companies to achieve growth through smart and effective sales processes. 


Rasmus teaches businesses how to establish an effective sales process for their startup in 12 weeks or less, and how to start making money fast. 


He has been a part of organizing seven different accelerators,  countless workshops and events, and is actively involved in the startup scene.  Contact Rasmus to know more.




Program Manager Kristína

Kristína Némethová is the program manager of Euro Scalers and in charge of helping cities and regions accelerate growth with local companies. Read how we help cities and regions to build vital business environments.

Kristína is here to help you with her solution-oriented mindset, creativity and knowledge of the business environment. She's fluent in Slovak, Czech, English and German and is happy to help you grow your region and find the best fitting companies to work with in your area. Contact Kristína on LinkedIn.

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Our Network of
Top Coaches And Mentors


Rasmus Basilier

Reach-Out Specialist & Program Owner


Joe Lemon

Founder of Nearsite Health (US)

Carl Alin.jpeg

Carl Alin

Inbound Specialist (SWE)


Lauri Ruhala

Sales Specialist


Jonathan Kevin

UX/UI Designer (SWE)

Ahmed Abdulghani.jpeg

Automation Specialist


Saana Nieminen

German Market Expert


Jani Rusi

Internationalization Coach


Janne Sivula

Inbound & Advertisement Specialist


Scale With Sales Podcast

How to expand abroad with no money, no connections, and no local language? 

On Scale With Sales, Rasmus Basilier, a sales coach and mentor of 100+ companies explores how startups managed to scale, found their own sales methods, and shares his personal insights on how magical sales results are delivered. Listen to the full episodes on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Castbox and many other podcast services.

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Podcast out now

Euro Scalers Highlights 

Ship Startup Festival
Group photo Boost Turku
Aaltoes, Aalto startup center, Aalto Ignite, Kiuas,
Aalto Ignite, Aaltoes
Aaltoes, Aalto Ignite, Aalto Silta, Aaltoes
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Ready to grow? Euro Scalers Plus Is For You

Explore a new international market solo or with other companies, and get your company an effective sales process in 12 weeks or less.

  • Learn prospecting and copywriting.

  • Get continuous coaching.

  • Peer-to-peer learning.

  • Improved sales materials, Linkedin messages and emails.

  • Help for getting Business Finland funding to cover 50% of the program costs (post-program).

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