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Don't overthink the strategy. Everything you ever needed to do to succeed is experiment!

...Thinking and planning can only take you so far...But Euro Scalers is here to show you that experimentation and testing are the only ways to get you going. We will help you do that so you can keep doing it yourself!

Euro Scalers is trusted by 70+ companies

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For B2B + B2G expanding abroad

Expansion strategy: REACH OUT + ADVERTISE

Goal: get a continuous flow of meetings without my help.


1. Initial Check.

We discuss what markets make sense and then start with preparing the initial methods. We will research other players in the market to understand the situation better. We'll prepare the work for the reach out start.



2. Reach out start.

We start by writing reach-out material together and then send it to potential clients. We will use LinkedIn messages, emails, Xing (in Germany) and what ever else that is common in the industry. The goal to get immediate feedback from the customer. From this we will learn how to angle our future reach out, adjust our ads and our landing pages.

To make this effective we find a balance between tailored messages and automation software.

We look at the results of the campaigns together with a 2-4 week long feedback loop.

3. Ads.

As we're getting interaction with the client, we will very soon pick up ads. Ads pay off over time, but are more difficult to run. It also means that when you make them work, they're more profitable.


First we make initial list of keywords together for the target language and start experimenting. We're looking at long-chain keywords, and at keywords that make for high-intent, purchasing behavior.

Every loop of these ads to see results takes 2-4 weeks.

6. Move to translation and SEO

When we know what key words that work, we move over to more major translation work and keep the SEO in mind. Over time, SEO will be much cheaper than ad spend, that is why it is a big part of this strategy.

5. Landing page.

For both reach out and ads, you need landing pages. We help you make them, in the correct language with the correct layout. We make one new page (or adjust a previous one) with every loop.

6. Summary

To summarize, we will have an ongoing reach-out campaign, and an ongoing Ads campaignWe do this in 2-3 markets, and you will start to see which markets are reacting.

This process usually takes 4 months to reach reliable success.

8. After the program

You are now quite optimized. You know what reach out that works, keywords to use, and ads to run. You will be able to use your time, energy, and money effectively. You don't need us anymore, you will be able to keep doing it for yourself.

For B2C expanding abroad

Expansion strategy: ADVERTISE

Goal: conversion of visitors into customers, create a continuous flow of customers

1. Initial check. (search volume, keywords)

We don't waste money on market surveys. Instead we will find the information of what makes sense looking at search volumes and other proxies for market potential.

2. Ads.

We figure out the high purchase intent keywords together. We find most itent with the least competitive word. We start running ads immediately to experiment. Every 2-4 weeks, we review the success of the ads and see what is working and adjust accordingly.

We do ads because that is the fastest way for a B2C company to gauge demand for your offering.

2. Landing Page.

We don't translate your whole webpage right away. The goal is to have some type of interaction in the target audience first. For this, we will use custom made landing pages to understand the customer.

3. Keywords, sales and marketing loop.

After som experimentation we will know the keywords that work. Based on this, we  help to start to translate your webpage page and optimize it for the keywords. This will be the basis for your future SEO strategy, which will surpass ads over time.

4. Result.

It takes 4-6 months to see the result. In the end, you will have an automatic engine that keeps giving you customers.
Success means you don't need us anymore!




For Cities

Goal: Create a stronger growth engine in companies with high potential.

1. Why?

Most cities provides some sort of business coaching for companies. But when it comes to a specific group of high-performance companies that have great potential to do something amazing, it is hard to find a coach that is good at so many things to help them in their journey. 

Our specialty is to help companies that have some revenue already, but they are not using an efficient sales and marketing method.


2. Selection Process

Usually, any company from the city has the opportunity to apply, but we have a selection process together with you in the City where we decide together which companies have the biggest potential to benefit from this program.

3. 10-week intensive program

The selected companies get in our 10-week program.


We analyze in what market it makes sense to sell and we help the companies to use automation tools very fast. We automate the reach-out process and we help with marketing, landing page, graphics, videos, social media.


We have a 2-week feedback loop to go through how the company is progressing. We also invite experts every other week to teach specific skills to the companies.

4. Result

The companies should be getting more leads and faster. Their growth should take a more upward trajectory and generate a strong positive cashflow within 6 months from the program.


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  • professional help with experiments, customer prospecting and finding the right way to attract customers in your new market

  • experts to help you get good reach-out messages and copywriting

  • expert in the target language (the readability of a home language is way higher than if you use English)

  • creation of the landing pages

  • all the tools you need to succeed

  • The meetings, bouncing of ideas and hands-on solutions to make your growth go faster. We keep you accountable, so you move forward, and improve constantly.

  • You can use funding from Business Finland to participate.

You can do it yourself, but if you do it with us, you get:

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