Euro Scalers
Euro Scalers support Finnish companies who want to expand their business to Europe.
Deadline to apply 28.2 2021.
“I really appreciated the peer support. It boosted my energy and helped me to stay active”

Who is Euro Scalers for?

You are an established company that has succesfully entered at least one market. You are now ready to see what customer in Europe think about what you have to offer.
(If you are super awesome but don't fulfill the criteria above, we might be able to make an exception for you)

Euro Scalers Overview


→ 10 weeks of intensive work to get your first European customers
→ Weekly workshops or team coaching
→ One full focus day
→ Completely virtual learning expierence
→ Collaborative and supportive environment
→ Top level coaching
→ Cost free, equity free


Why Europe?

→ Physically closer (cheaper and faster travel)
→ Culturally closer
→ Time zones same or almost the same
→ Standardized business law
→ Automatic rights to buy, sell, travel and do business (in the EU)

Scale your business in Europe
Let's start building bridges between your business and your customer base in Europe. When? 15.3-25.5 2021. Deadline: 28.2 2021.
Euro Scalers is funded by 6Aika – Ecosystems of growth: Enabling the growth of companies through collaboration -project.