10-week market validation. Ideally, you'll walk out with the first customer/partner in a new European market.


This is an accelerator, and it will be intense.

The main goal of the program is a successful market validation for your business model in a European market. Ideally, you are leaving the program with your first customers and/or partners in Europe and a strong growth plan to follow up on, including financial planing and a scaling strategy. But we clearly want to point out that there is no guarantee for that!


There's also the possible result of having no market fit or being not ready for the European market yet. In this case, you are not walking away empty handed, but with important experiences and lessons learned for internationalization and how to run a successful market validation (no market fit is also a success!).

Topics covered during the program

These, and more.

"We help you expand abroad in 10 weeks or less in Europe. Sound crazy?"

- Rasmus Basilier, Owner & Program Manager of Euro Scalers


Is it time to put your business on the landscape of Europe?

Accelerate your growth and start selling in Europe with Euro Scalers.

  • When: 4.10-7.12 2021

  • For whom: Finnish registered companies with sales up and running that want to scale in Europe

  • DL to apply: 26.09.2021

  • Application review:  If you and your company looks like a match, you will be called for an interview during 27.09-03.10

Throughout the years, Euro Scalers built strong partnerships with selected cities across Finland. If your company is located in the business region of Helsinki, Salo, Järvenpää, Rovaniemi, Jyväskylä, Espoo or Pori, the program participation fee is discounted for you resulting in €250 + VAT. If your company is based in the business region of Tampere, the participation is free of charge. If your company is located outside of aforementioned areas, the participation fee is €1950 + VAT. 



De Minimis


Attending the program might count towards your de minimis aid.


De Minimis papers are sorted out with you if you are selected. If needed, it is a requirement to be a part of the Euro Scalers program to fill out the forms and be below the de minimis limit.


For almost every company, de minimis is a paper exercise.
Some companies that have already received a lot of public aid might not be eligible to receive additional aid. Applications are subject to a check.

Application for
Euro Scalers Fall 2021

This application is not binding until you've been selected to the program and you have confirmed your participation.