2022 • OCTOBER, 24 - NOVEMBER, 29 • ONLINE


Succeed at Slush | 6-Week Training Program

Make the best out of Slush.

Get real results in sales and pitching to investors.

What Is Included?

Structured method to get the best results out of Slush.

Six weeks of coaching - proven sales and pitching methods.

Peer-to-peer learning and networks.

Invitation to kickoff side-event for extended networking

Why Join?

80 %  
found the program very useful
 9+ useful
meetings average 
 generated per participant


Commitment Fee


450 € + VAT 24%

Per company/team

What People Say About The Program?

"New contacts, Motivation, Insights from local culture/business”

Who Will Accelerate You?


The event will take place on 24 October- 29 November 2022 and will last 6 weeks on-line.  
You can find the full event-day agenda on our dedicated agenda page. 



Week 1
25.10 14:00 
Kickoff w. Jani Rusi and Rasmus Basilier

27.10 15:00
Micro events and community led growth w. Joe Lemon


Week 2

31.10 13:00

Start reach outs and make your offering clear w. Rasmus


Week 3

7.11 13:00

Pre Slush Networking tips and tricks

w. Jani Rusi


Week 4

Invite to Slush kickoff side event


Week 5
(empty on purpose)


Week 6

29.11 13:00
Share best practices


The program will take place online.


Where is the event held?

The program will be held  on-line. You are also invited to the in-person pre-slush side event.

When is the event held?

The program will be held digitally on the 25, October -29, November 2022.

You will be invited to join the Slush pre-event on 16 Novebmer.
The up-to-date agenda for the program can be found on our agenda page. 

Why should I join?

If you want to get the most value out of your Slush experience, you need a couple of things:

- Help with proper goal setting
- Best practices in how to reach those goals
- Coaches and peers to keep you accountable

All of this is provided in the program.

Is attendance required?

This program is designed to give you maximum value for your time. If a session together is not useful, that is a huge failure on our part. Every session should count.

But of course, there might be things that collide and you have to miss a session. Or in discussions we can realize that a session is less valuable.

Either way, the choice how to make the most out of the program is up to you :)