Peer to peer learning with practical and interactive knowledge sharing


This is an accelerator, and it will be intense.

The main goal of the program is a having your company get the collaborations you need to grow your business. Ideally, you are leaving the program with a list of warm leads ready for you to follow up on.

To get there, we'll find out what your business needs, and what is needed to fulfill that need. Through interactive sessions, role-play and weekly checkups, you will be able to excel in your ability to make the most out of Slush.

Topics covered during the program

These, and more.

"We help you expand abroad in 10 weeks or less in Europe. Sound crazy?"

- Rasmus Basilier, Owner & Program Manager of Euro Scalers

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This program has three destinctive parts.

1. Prepare you for SLUSH and give you a free ticket (November 2021)

This is done through four interactive sessions all aimed at getting the most practical results for you in the shortest amount of time.

You will also be involved in setting targets and sharing your results with the other participants weekly.

2. Support your lead follow up (December 2021 and January 2022)

After Slush is over and you have warm contacts to take care of, we help you to stick to your goals and share best practices with the other participants.

3. Prepare you for Tampere Smart City Week (January 2022)

This program is similar to the one for SLUSH, but it's more condenced. The focus is to get the most results out of participating in Tampere Smart City Week.

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1.11 - Kickoff, Icebreaker and goal setting 
8.11 - Lead Generation Kickoff Workshop
15.11- Convince others to support you in 5 minutes
22.11 - Practical planning and prepping

1-2.12 SLUSH
8.12 - Slush Review 



10.1 - Goal setting for Tampere Smart City Week 
17.1 - Automatic Digital Prospecting for International Expansion

24.1 - Quick check-up

31.1-2.2 - Tampere Smart City Week
9.2 - Ending event


Is it time to make the most out of SLUSH?

Prep and execute right with the Road to Slush program

  • When: 1.11-.22.11 2021 and 10-24.1 2022

  • For whom: Business in the Tampere region

  • DL to apply: 28.11.2021

Participation is free of cost 



De Minimis


Attending the program might count towards your de minimis aid.


De Minimis papers are sorted out with you if you are selected. If needed, it is a requirement to be a part of the Road to Slush program to fill out the forms and be below the de minimis limit.


For almost every company, de minimis is a paper exercise.
Some companies that have already received a lot of public aid might not be eligible to receive additional aid. Applications are subject to a check.

Application for
Road to Slush 2021

This application is not binding until you've been selected to the program and you have confirmed your participation.

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