Alumni Spring 2021


Auntie Solutions

Auntie is a low-threshold mental well-being service. Auntie provides support for employees suffering from stress, overachieving or lost motivation. Auntie’s services are used by dozens of pioneering organisations, ranging from small expert companies to major global corporations and public-sector organisations, in Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Poland. Auntie professionals provide service in 20 languages.

Revenue 2020: 1,2 million €


Work Pilots

Work Pilots helps people wanting to work to find steps towards their dream job - one gig at a time! While helping organisations find easy and low threshold opportunities to get help to e.g. seasonal or on-demand tasks. Their "mobile first"​ multichannel service (iOS, Android and web) workers will be able to find gigs easier than ever and gain valuable work experience.

Revenue 2019: 951 000 €



Salesframe is a growth company focused on digital interaction solutions for B2B and B2C sales and marketing. The company helps sales teams from small companies to global enterprises to reform sales engagement with easy-to-use, impressive and efficient digital tools.

Revenue 2019: 468 000 €



Qentinel Pace is a cloud-based, AI-driven, low-code, test automation platform. Qentinel aims to accelerate your software development and remove boring manual tests from your daily schedule. By improving the quality of life by improving the quality of software.

Revenue 2020: 1,1 million €


Kook Management

KOOK Management is consulting company based in Finland. We search brands to work with and also serve our business network in EU with licensing.  We develop our clients'​ behaviour in times of change, act as a bridge builder, strengthen teams, open discussion and mediate. We serve in situations where our customers need support for new directions for the future. We also leverage creative professionals with the ability to bring new perspective to important events for our clients.

Revenue 2020: 13 000 €



Smartification of low and mid-class properties has high impact potential in creating cost savings and in the fight against climate change. Collaborations with automation system vendors and contractors help us understand their problems and bring new ideas also to the next generation automation systems.

Revenue 2020: 76 000 €



Toptester is a privately owned testhouse providing environmental and mechanical reliability tests for companies R&D and verification functions. Toptester provides tests in device, board and component levels for hardware according to standards (i.e IEC, MIL-Std, Telcordia, ISTA etc.) or clients own specifications.

Revenue 2019: 1,3 million €


Made in Finland Shop

A dependable Finnish family company that sells responsible and sustainable furniture and home decoration made in Finland.

Revenue 2020: 251 000 €



Kausal Watch web publishing platform collects all the data on the actions that your city is taking for climate mitigation. It helps your city to shift from traditional retrospective reporting into real-time monitoring. Kausal Watch works for both internal and external communication gathering all the relevant information in one place. Creating a common situation overview of the climate actions and emissions enables effective management of climate strategy. Kausal offers the platform setup, continuous maintenance and training.

Revenue 2020: 59 000 €


Uute Scientific

Uute Scientific Oy is the company that drives towards a “Life without immune-mediated diseases”, such as diabetes 1, allergies and asthma. These immune-mediated diseases have become a large problem worldwide. They are caused by our modern and urban lifestyle. Uute Scientific Oy is making the Reconnecting Nature™ extract available for families with young children through several standard consumer goods.

Revenue 2020: 0 € (new company)

Alumni 2020



Empowering communities.
Mesensei is a community platform builder. We empower our customers to create their own platforms under their own brand and data controllership.

Revenue (2019): 94 000 €



Around the globe Radientum works with client to develop superior antenna solutions for wireless products. We design compact integrated antennas – from the first simulated concept studies to fully verified device.

Revenue (2019): 874 000 €



Simply put, ReceiptHero’s mission is to digitalize all paper receipts globally, allowing customers to view their purchase data in banking apps.

Revenue (2019): 1000 €



Resistomap offers a complete laboratory and analysis service to detect and quantify antibiotic resistance genes from environmental samples such as wastewater, manure and soil using a high throughput gene profiling, the SmartChip qPCR system. Our mission is to mitigate the spread of antibiotic resistance in the environment by providing robust tools for monitoring.

Revenue (2019): 67 000



NurseBuddy Care Software enables homecare providers to focus on delivering high quality, cost effective homecare. NurseBuddy helps providers fully manage their business, saving time and money, with our simple to use software. NurseBuddy helps to manage scheduling, visit monitoring, care planning, invoicing and payroll, and much more. It’s home care, simplified!

Revenue (2019): 702 000 €



We provide waterjet cutting technology related products and services to businesses of all sizes. Within our waterjet cutting machine product family you will find the right solution to cut virtually any material, any shape, any amount, and any size.

Revenue (2020): 4,8 million €



SmartWatcher is providing high quality and real time indoor air quality monitoring to B2B and B2G customers world wide. We have been providing our service already since 2016 and have monitored already thousands of sites. Our customers include schools, kindergartens, hospitals, airports, hotel chains, offices etc. We detect poor indoor air quality in time before you get sick or your buildings get damaged.

Revenue (2020): 514 000 €


SimAnalytics simplifies operations in the process industry by providing AI-boosted software solutions that improve the overall efficiency and make complex decisions easy.

Revenue (2020): 620 000 €

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