How it works
"The hosts were excellent; very friendly, engaging, good with people, creative and happy to help.”

This is an accelerator and it will be intense. The main goal of the program is a successful market validation for your business model in a European market. Ideally, you are leaving the program with your first customers and/or partners in Europe and a strong growth plan to follow up on, including financial planing and a scaling strategy. But we clearly want to point out that there is no guarantee for that! There's also the possible result of having no market fit or being not ready for the European market yet. In this case, you are not walking away empty handed, but with important experiences and leasons learned for internationalization and how to run a successful market validation (no market fit is also a success!).

THIs is the process

Topics covered

Readyness evaluation review
Sales material adjustments and sales kickoff
Inbound Sales Strategy
Group coaching sessions - collaborative support
Public funding opportunities
How to use the money - market entry strategy plan
TIMES and dates

The Schedule

Most activities are during the day on Tuesdays. Preliminiary schedule can be seen here:

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What makes Euro Scalers Different?

The main goal of the program is a successful market validation for your business model in a European market.


Demo day

The Demo Day is prepared together with Business Tampere. The key point is to have a public event where the results of the accelerator can be shared, teams can present their business case and have an ending with an exclamation point. The event will digital.

Note: The program was aimed only at Germany in 2020Demo day 2020

stay connected

Alumni meetup

Some months after the program, there will be an opportunity to share your progress with your colleagues in the Alumni Meetup. It will be held digitally.

Scale your business in Europe
Let's start building bridges between your business and your customer base in Europe. When? 15.3-25.5 2021. Deadline: 28.2 2021.
Euro Scalers is funded by 6Aika – Ecosystems of growth: Enabling the growth of companies through collaboration -project.