Week 1

25.10 14:00 
Kickoff with Jani Rusi and Rasmus Basilier


Get to know each other

Goal Setting - Put up your targets

Learn how to find them

How and why to make lists

Discuss how to prepare your materials, what should they look like

27.10 15:00
Micro events and community led growth with 

Joe Lemon

Best practices in how to effectively create and market your own micro events for a good sales environment. This helps to understand the side events of Slush. We will also talk about how to create a supportive community around your idea.

Week 2

31.10 13:00

Start reach outs and make your offering clear with Rasmus


Best practices and hands on examples of reach out in



Slush platform


We will also make a check that your material is well crafted

Week 3

7.11 13:00

Pre Slush Networking tips and tricks with Jani Rusi


To get the most out of Slush there are preparations that need to happen. Jani Rusi has been effective at getting good results out of Slush for the last five years. He will share his best practices and help you to create your own go-to-Slush plan.

Week 4


Invite to Slush kickoff side event

You will be invited for the Euro Scalers side event. Here you get to meet other teams that are aiming to make the most out of Slush.

At this side event there will be good opportunities for networking with other teams just about to go to Slush.

Consider it a kickoff to your Slush activities!

Week 5

(empty on purpose)

This week is critical to follow up on all the leads and ideas gathered at Slush.
Therefore we don’t have any meetings.

Week 6

29.11 13:00
Share best practices


Experience means nothing without reflection. But reflection and sharing comes learning and growing.
In this event, we share what we have learned and reflect on both ourselves and what others have learned.  It’s also a nice way to round off the project together.